Western Express has a Long History of Treating Truck Drivers Right.

A long History of Treating Drivers Right

Founded in 1991 by Donna and Wayne Wise, Western Express began as a small family business with big ideals. Our mission was to serve our drivers' needs every day, knowing that happy and motivated drivers would, in turn, go the extra mile for our customers...every day.

That simple driver-focused formula for success has been proven true year after profitable year. Since 1991, we've grown our business into a successful large-tier trucking carrier with an estimated annual revenue for 2013 of nearly half a billion dollars. Today, Western Express is guided by Paul Wieck, President, and Robert Stachura, COO. Under their leadership, our fleet has grown to include 2,450 power units and 6,500 trailers, and our client roster continues to add new clients, including well-known Fortune 500 companies with a variety freight patterns all across the nation.

Just as importantly, we've never lost sight of the real reason for our success: our drivers. So while our company has grown exponentially, we're still a small family business at heart. The difference is, now, we have even more resources and opportunities to share with our loyal employees. So while we may be one of the biggest trucking carriers in the business, we believe it simply means our extended family has grown.