Western Express provides orientation at several locations throughout the country, so that you can get on the road quickly, and without having to cross the country, just to get started.

Our dry van orientation facilities, located in Nashville, TN; Nazareth, PA; and Fontana, CA: provide training and testing in-house so that you can understand our unique environment, meet the people you will be working with, and get ready to move your first load.

Following is information about what to bring to orientation, where to go, and contact information in case you have further questions about orientation.


  1. Drivers License and Social Security Card. If you're not a U.S. citizen, then you will also need your work card/PERMANENT RESIDENT CARD.

  2. As with other documents, if physical paperwork can be sent in before arrival that would be great. But even if you did provide the physical paperwork ahead of time, you should bring the long form physical papers and medical card with you. You are required to have at least the medical card to drive a truck. If you do not have the long form and medical card on hand upon date of arrival of first day orientation, then you will be required to pass a physical examination.

  3. Driver candidates are encouraged to complete an online application prior to arrival at orientation classes. In the event that you are unable to complete an online application, you must have 10 year history on paper in hand upon arrival of on the first day. Even if you completed an application online, bringing the 10 year history with you is useful in case questions arise.

    If you have been self-employed, an owner operator, on medical leave, or unemployed please bring proper documentation confirming this situation.

    FAX or email school certificates/transcripts prior to arrival if possible. If you can’t send the documents prior to arrival you must bring school certificates and grade/transcripts and present them upon arrival at orientation classes.

  4. Bring ink pens and spending money. We provide breakfast and lunch, but you’re on your own for dinner and entertainment.

  5. Bring enough clothes for 7-10 days, personal hygiene products, and bedding for your truck.

  6. Bring proof of payment for any citations received in the past 90 days prior to your arrival.



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